Mission Statement

Because music is an endeavor that impacts learning as well as life, the Alvin Community College Music Academy (ACCMA) exists to provide private music instruction to school-aged children and adults.

Private Instruction

Weekly private lessons are offered in piano, voice, guitar, percussion, strings, woodwinds and brass.


Faculty are professional instructors who have advanced degrees in their instrument and/or significant professional experience.


Students are given a weekly lesson for 30 or 60 minutes. Instructors design lesson plans appropriate to the student's skill level. Curriculum includes the development of performance skills, techniques, theory and general musicianship.

The minimum age requirements are 6 for piano and guitar, 12 for other instruments and 14 for voice.

Each semester will culminate in a student recital.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is expected at every lesson. Students who miss a lesson will not be refunded for any reason. If the instructor has to miss a lesson, a make-up lesson will be scheduled.


$50 per hour of instruction
$25 per 1/2 hour of instruction

Other Costs

Additional books and other materials may be required by instructors.

For questions and additional information, please contact

Debbie Benoist

Music Academy