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Copy of adult echocardiogram (scan of the heart), vascular sonogram (scan of the blood vessels) or pediatric echocardiogram (scan of the heart in children).

*Disclaimer:Safety in Training and Research Approved 4/1/2012 AIUM-American Institute for Ultrasound in Medicine

Diagnostic ultrasound has been in use since the late 1950's. There are no confirmed adverse biological effects on patients resulting from this usage. Although no hazard has been identified that would preclude the prudent and conservative use of diagnostic ultrasound in education and research, experience from normal diagnostic practice may or may not be relevant to extended exposure times and altered exposure conditions. It is, therefore, considered appropriate to make the following recommendation: When examinations are carried out for purposes of training or research, ultrasound exposures should be as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA) within the goals of the study/training. In addition, the subject should be informed of the anticipated exposure conditions and how these compare with normal diagnostic practice. Repetitive and prolonged exposures on a single subject should be justified and consistent with prudent and conservative use.
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* Adult Echocardiogram - Ultrasound scan of the heart. It checks for the size and function of the heart, valves, chambers, and walls. It cannot see coronary arteries.
*Pediatric Echocardiogram - Ultrasound scan of the heart in children from fetus to age 18 but with more attention for possible congenital heart defects. Must have parent or legal guardian consent.
Vascular Technology - Ultrasound scan and other non-imaging tests of the peripheral blood vessels including those in the neck (carotids), arms, and legs. These tests check for blockages and blood clots in the vascular system.

WAIVER - The type of sonography we will be doing is totally painless and non-invasive. However, ACC cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury encountered while volunteering. Also, keep in mind that these are students performing this diagnostic exam and are not qualified to make any judgment regarding the findings. If the instructor sees a problem, you will be advised to consult your personal physician for further evaluation. You may be provided with prints, digital recordings or video recordings to take to your physician for further evaluation.
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Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography (DCVS)

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