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Donations to ACC Foundation

"Buy a Chair" Campaign
"Buy a Chair" Campaign Replace theatre chairs by donating to "Buy a Chair" campaign.

ACC Athletics Donations
ACC Athletics Donations Support the Athletic Programs at ACC.

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Continuing Education/Workforce Development
Continuing Education/Workforce Development A donation to Continuing Education/Workforce Development will help students succeed in the workforce.

Innovative Initiative Grants
Innovative Initiative Grants Donations to Innovative Initiative Grants will allow ACC employees to explore new avenues and benefit ACC programs.

Scholarship Donations
Scholarship Donations You can choose to donate to an established scholarship or to our General Scholarship Fund. Either way, ACC students will benefit from your generous donation.

ACC supports accessibility on the campus. Individuals with disabilities who are seeking assistance should contact Eileen Cross, Coordinator for Office of Disability Services by phone at 281-756-3533 or e-mail or